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January News and Updates

Over 8,000 Acres Now Protected

What a milestone - all thanks to our incredible DALC community! With the recent closing of two conservation easements, you have now permanently protected more than 8,000 acres in the Driftless. Thank you for making such a difference for the farms, forests, prairies, bluffs, and waterways of the land we love so much!

Conference Opportunities Two great conferences are coming up for native habitat enthusiasts! First, the Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council will be hosting a conference this Saturday, January 28th, at UW - Stevens Point. If you're a landowner wondering how to use fire as a tool to restore your land, this is your chance to learn from the experts with a panel just for you! Register here. Then, from February 10-11, The Prairie Enthusiasts are hosting their annual conference, with a theme of "Reverence for the Land." Their all-day burn school is another wonderful opportunity to get started with prescribed fire. Register here!

Read Winning Essays on Clean Energy in Local Schools Schools need a lot of resources, including power. Sustainable energy like solar can reduce environmental impacts while saving money. The Clean, Local Energy Alliance - Now! recently sponsored its first-ever essay contest as a way for students in Iowa County to inspire their school districts to pursue a clean energy transition plan. Thank you so much to local students who participated, and the teachers who supported them. Winning essays are now posted on our website.

Upcoming Volunteer Dates

Spending time volunteering is a great New Years resolution! Join one of DALC's upcoming volunteer workdays and make a difference for native habitat in the Driftless.

  • Saturdays at Spring Valley: 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. Upcoming dates: 2/4, 2/18

  • Sundays at Sardeson: 1st and 3rd Sundays of most months. Upcoming dates: 2/5, 2/19

  • Wednesdays at the Wetland: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of most months. Upcoming dates: 2/1, 2/15

Find more details and let us know you're coming at our Volunteer page.

Notes From the Field Jam-packed December is a little bit like fighting your way up a hillside of buckthorn: there's not much room to maneuver, a million things keep snagging your attention, and by the time you get out, you're exhausted! January, though, is like that same hillside cleared of brush (a feeling you can experience after joining one of our volunteer days!). You can see so much farther, out to the rest of the year, to new projects and events and celebrations. There's room to be creative, to sow seeds and see what grows. We're hard at work setting up a fantastic 2023, and we can't wait to have you join us! Emilee Martell Development Associate

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