Cardinal-Hickory Creek -- Contrary to our Mission

American Transmission Company (ATC), ITC and Dairyland Power Cooperative are in the initial stages of surveying for a massive 125-mile transmission line running from Middleton, WI to Dubuque County, IA called the Cardinal-Hickory Creek (CHC) Transmission Line.  Reliable models of likely future energy demand and costs confirm the testimonies provided by knowledgeable economic and energy experts -- this line is a bad idea.  Both clearly demonstrate that this project is based on outdated technology, is environmentally destructive, costly to ratepayers, and simply not needed.  Holding true to our mission, DALC is continuing our fight to prevent this dinosaur-aged technology from ruining the beautiful Driftless Area.  We’re convinced that better 21st century, less expensive alternatives will provide a brighter future for Southwest Wisconsin.  

“There are multiple options before us—ways to conserve and to develop clean and sustainable energy—that can serve the Driftless Area and all the landscapes beyond it. We must strive together for energy solutions that do not sacrifice other conservation goals and degrade the quality of our land. The decision on this proposed powerline is a test. It will show if we as a society are willing to resist the easy path of expediency and short-term profit. It will show that we can do the hard and necessary thing: meeting current needs in innovative ways that also and simultaneously protect the quality of the land that sustains us.” - Curt Meine

 Conservation Biologist, Environmental Historian, Writer, Adjunct Faculty at UW-Madison

and Senior Fellow with the Center for Humans and Nature.

Knowledgeable Experts Oppose CHC

During last year’s formal review of the project, eight expert witnesses testified on behalf of Driftless Area Land Conservancy and Wisconsin Wildlife Federation in front of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.  They presented a compelling case in opposition to the project.  We’re very grateful to: Kerinia Cusick, George Meyer, Rao Konidena, Curt Meine, Jon Wellinghof, Don Waller, Mihir Desu, and Terry Ingram.  Their testimonies affirmed that a clean, economically viable, reliable energy future is possible without Cardinal-Hickory Creek.  We can avoid the destruction of a large track of our nationally significant Driftless Region.

Please contact us for a copy of the full text of our expert witness testimonies.

Dane County Circuit Court - Initial Briefs

These briefs are challenging the merits of the Public Service Commission's approval of the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line and argue that in a broad range of aspects, the PSC decision did not comply with legal standards. 

Wisconsin Public Service Commission’s Decision and DALC’s Response

In spite of overwhelming public opposition, modeling by the Commission’s own staff, and the compelling testimony of expert witness, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved this project.   Nevertheless, we are convinced that CHC is not in the public interest and that there are viable opportunities to stop this project through the court system. DALC is working closely with the Environmental Law & Policy Center, a highly reputable Midwest non-profit environment and natural heritage law firm to appeal this decision in both the state circuit court and in federal court.  As of early 2020, these proceedings are just beginning to unfold.  We will post updates as they develop.


How You Can Help

  • Write a Letter to the Editor (LTE) – It’s important to keep this issue in front of the “Court of Public Opinion.”  Judges and their staff members need to be reminded of the overwhelming public opposition to CHC.  Letters to the local and Madison area newspapers are very helpful in this regard. 

  • Attend Court Sessions – Join our email list or stay tuned to Facebook. We’ll let you know when it’s helpful to attend.

  • Thank Iowa and Dane County Board Members – Supervisors from both of these counties have voted to commit resources to their own court challenges to CHC.  Consider thanking them at a public meeting.  It’s important for them to know the public supports their action.  Your presence and expression of appreciate also helps keep the issue in the public’s eye.

  • Make a Donation – The financial support of our members and major donors has been phenomenal and your ongoing support allows us to continue our work in protecting the unique Driftless Area.  Thank you! Donate online or call (608) 930-3252. 

For additional information concerning the CHC legal appeals please contact Chuck Tennessen.


Information for Landowners Under the CHC Line: Right of Ways and Easements

Our Rationale for Opposing the CHC

It is evident that we are against this line, so what do we stand for? 

What does a sustainable energy future, compatible with conservation,

look like in the Driftless area of Wisconsin?

We are exploring the Energy District model for Iowa County and beyond.

Learn more or contact our Community Organizer, Chuck Tennessen, to see how you can be a part of this groundbreaking, locally-generated, renewable energy project. 

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