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Spring Valley Tract

DALC was gifted this 300+ acre property north of New Glarus at the end of 2020. By combining the broad and generous vision of a local nature enthusiast, support from a long-time friend, the encouragement of a local restoration specialist, the persistent rallying cry of a local Township steward, and the expertise of DALC staff, Spring Valley has become a reality. Read the full story.


The property hosts a diversity of plant communities within its bounds. There is a bur oak savanna and dry prairie community associated with exposed sandstone outcrops. Southern dry-mesic forest and southern dry forest surround a main valley characterized by wetland communities along a spring fed stream while the broad uplands are contoured with row crops.  In the years to come it will be a place of restoration work, teaching & learning, exploration, respite, and enjoyment. 


Plans are in the works to share this property widely and for generations to come.  The property is open, but there is no safe public access yet.  If you'd like to visit Spring Valley, please join us for an event our tour.  You can be the first to hear about events, land stewardship, and opportunities to get on site by signing up for emails below.

The name "Spring Valley" was always meant to be a placeholder, a temporary title while we got to know the land better. Now, we're searching for a permanent name for the property, and we'd love your help! Please submit your ideas for a forever name for this beautiful, diverse place at the form below.

Spring Valley Contact Form
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