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Sardeson Preserve

This beautiful hillside came to Driftless Area Land Conservancy in 2016 from long-time Mineral Point resident Roland Sardeson. We are excited for the future of this special piece of the Driftless!

Roland was to many the embodiment of Mineral Point - he was creative, adventurous, and loved his community.

“It was 1976 when I met Roland, he was skateboarding down Commerce Street,” shared Bruce Howdle, Roland’s longtime friend and neighbor. “Roland loved this part of the state, he grew up near here, he knew its history and ecology, and he understood the value of conserving land.”


In the fall of 2016 Roland called Driftless and asked that we visit him on his land. It is a beautiful piece of the Driftless, with towering rock outcrops, prairie remnants and views to the west overlooking a valley bottom with a sparkling meandering stream. 

During the visit with Roland he mentioned that he was having some health challenges. Little did we know at the time, Roland was terminally ill and making plans for what to do with his land. Within weeks of our visit Roland passed away.  He was facing his own mortality and yet had the vision and compassion to think beyond himself. Roland donated his 12-acre property to Driftless Area Land Conservancy and we’re honored that he chose to entrust us with his land legacy.

If you would like to volunteer to care for this special place, please submit a volunteer interest form

sardeson map.png

Sardeson Preserve is located on the western edge of Mineral Point, adjacent to the Cowboy Church. From downtown, take WI-39 W to Betty Lane and turn left. You can see the preserve's location in Google Maps here.

The trails are designed for foot traffic only. They are of moderate difficulty, with an unimproved path surface, hilly terrain, and occasional boulders to navigate. The outer loop is approximately 1 mile.


Please note that the parking area is still being designed and seeded after a large amount of limestone building material was recently cleared. Feel free to park there, but expect to see some changes in the future! 

Hunting and trapping are not allowed on this preserve.


If you have any questions, please contact our office at at (608) 930-3252 or via email.

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