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Erickson Conservation Area, Argyle

Dates:  November 8 - 12, 9:00 - 3:00


Join staff , a WisCorps team, and Indigenous Restoration.  We will be clearing invasive brush along the hiking trails. Come for a few hours, all day, any day. 

Contact Cindy to sign up! cindy@driftlessconservancy.org

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Sardeson Preserve, Mineral Point

Dates: November 12 - 13, 9:00 - noon

Join staff to clear brush to expand our restoration efforts and near the entrance and parking area, in preparation for our trail opening and kiosk installation planned for spring 2022. If the weather is right, we’ll have brush piles a-blaze to keep us warm! 

Contact Cindy to sign up!  cindy@driftlessconservancy.org


Spring Valley Tract, New Glarus

Dates: October 30, 9:00 - noon

We’ll continue our work in the savanna clearing honeysuckle, prickly ash and buckthorn, with some time reserved for sowing seeds in the savanna as well.  

Contact Fil to sign up! filsanna@yahoo.com

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Volunteer Spotlight: Keith Burrows at Sardeson Preserve

What inspired you to volunteer with DALC at Sardeson Preserve?

I had two reasons. I'd already been looking for a way to volunteer with DALC for a while, and since this opportunity was right in my backyard it seemed like an easy first step. I also knew Roland Sardeson; he was particularly welcoming when we moved to the area fourteen years ago. Roland had a huge influence on Mineral Point and this seemed like a good way to honor his memory.


Can you share a favorite moment or part of the volunteer experience with others?

Definitely learning more about forests from the conversations with the DALC staff--their explanations of concepts like the soil seedy bank really helped me understand forest management practices better.


Why do you value giving both your time and financial support?

I don't think DALC could do the work they do without both. Some people have more time available, some have more money available, but the key to me seems to be to do what you can.


What is your favorite part of the Driftless?

That's such a hard question, but last year I started fishing and so all the beautiful trout streams are my newest favorite part of the Driftless.