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This land is your land...

We believe that protecting the natural world and engaging people in its vast wonder is one of the most important gifts that we can pass on to our children and the generations that follow. Through the legacy of generous individuals we have three protected properties that are open to the public. Learn more below. 


We also protect private lands through conservation easements, see a map of all the lands we’ve protected here.

7 prairie in Pleasure Ridge preserve.JPG

Come explore our beautiful properties...

Erickson Conservation Area

Morrison Prairie & Forest Preserve

Sardeson Preserve

Special Project: Ringelstetter Wetland

Driftless Area Land Conservancy is building a better world by conserving healthy and diverse habitats, clean waters, productive and sustainable working lands, and scenic open spaces. We strive to educate, engage and inspire people and facilitate their connection to the land and to each other. Positive, fulfilling experiences in nature are the key to cultivating the next generation of Driftless conservationists.


Together, through focused land protection and management and by providing opportunities for people to engage with and enjoy the outdoors, we can help protect and improve the Driftless Area for everyone, forever.

Through land conservation easements we have over 7,000 acres at over 48 sites in permanent protected status.

We serve southwest Wisconsin's Iowa, Richland, Sauk, Lafayette, Grant, Green and Dane counties. 


Learn more about How to Protect Your Land or join us at an event across the region and become part of our Driftless family.

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