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Morrison Prairie & Forest Preserve

Darrel Morrison sold this beautiful property to Driftless Area Land Conservancy in a bargain sale in 2019.  Morrison is a distinguished landscape architect known for designing prairie-inspired gardens using native plants, and is a former professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Georgia, and Columbia University.  One of his biggest projects is a partnership on a large ranch in Montana. Darrel's generosity will allow us to steward and share this gorgeous gem for many generations to come. 


Property Features

This scenic bluff property includes dry remnant prairie, oak woodlands and savanna, and mesic north facing woodlands.  These diverse native communities provide habitats for a number of rare or state-threatened species.  From the top of the bluff, visitors can see a broad swath of the Lower Wisconsin River Valley to the north, as well as expansive views of the wooded hills and valleys to the south.

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Morrison Prairie & Forest Preserve is open for public hunting.  Permits are required for gun deer season.  No permits are required for other legal hunting species, or for archery deer season. Driftless uses a lottery system to assign deer hunting days during the 9-day gun season.  To apply for a permit, click HERE.  Applications must be received by September 15th for full consideration.


Near the intersection of North Prairie Road and Old Hwy 80, Town of Pulaski, Iowa County. There is no formal parking or fire number. If you would like detailed directions please contact us via email or call our office at 608-930-3252.

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