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What We Do

Driftless Area Land Conservancy (DALC) is a land trust—a nonprofit organization that protects and restores land. From forests to prairies to farms, we help permanently conserve special places that support the health, diversity, and beauty of Southwest Wisconsin. We strive to improve people’s lives by connecting them to the land and to each other.

Our work includes a variety of programs to serve our human and natural communities in the Driftless. We partner with private landowners to protect the places they love, and also own nature preserves that are open to the public. We’re building a fifty-mile footpath called the Driftless Trail to allow more people to experience the beauty of this landscape. We help coordinate innovative partnerships around watershed stewardship, grassland protection, and clean, local energy. And, we host events, workshops, and dozens of volunteer opportunities to get folks outdoors and enjoying the Driftless!

Connect to our projects and programs!

Volunteers working on building Phoebe Point Trail. Photo by Barb Barzen.

Major Initiatives

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Special Projects

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