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May News and Updates

Good News in the fight against the Cardinal Hickory Creek transmission line!

Recent decision in our favor against ATC.

Circuit Court Judge Jacob Frost issued a ruling in DALC's favor on Tuesday. We have long asserted that that Commissioner Mike Huebsch had a perceived conflict of interest that biased his ruling in favor of the Cardinal Hickory Creek transmission line. This ruling is a huge victory for the case against ATC and the CHC line. “Essentially the judge said there’s a lot of smoke, and we’re entitled to make our case that there is fire.” Read More.

Evenings Afield to resume! All are welcome at these free events. The Lowery Creek Watershed Initiative, coordinated by DALC, is excited to announce the its popular monthly Evenings Afield sessions will resume. Sessions will be from 6:00-8:00 pm on Thursday evenings and locations are in or near the watershed, the area from the Taliesin estate to Pleasant Ridge.

  • July 7 - Solar Energy for Homes & Farms: Costs & Considerations

  • August 5 - Orcharding: Regenerative Fruit Growing in the Driftless Region

  • September 9 - Monitoring Stream Quality: A Demo

  • October 7 - History of Wyoming Valley Area Farms

More details and registration will be available on our website soon. Email with questions.

Beauty of the Wild by Darrel Morrison

Featuring Morrison Prairie & Forest Preserve

Our good friend Darrel Morrison gifted us an advance copy of his beautiful book “Beauty of the Wild”. He recounts stories about the people and places that have nourished his career as a teacher and a designer of nature-inspired landscapes. Darrel loves the patterns and composition of native plant communities and works to incorporate them into landscape design. Many of you know Darrel, and also the Morrison Prairie and Forest Preserve – which we purchased from Darrel using Knowles-Nelson Stewardship funding. The remnant prairie on the steep south-facing slope is remarkable – and particularly beautiful in May with Hoary Puccoon and Prairie Violets carpeting the slope. It’s featured in the book!

Beauty of the Wild will be released on June 7th, and you can pre-order now. Maybe check it out at a local book seller like Arcadia Books in Spring Green!

Dig into Conservation with DALC

Volunteer with Cindy Becker, DALC's new Conservation Programs Director

There is something rewarding about a job well done. And, a job well done with the help of others adds a feeling of community to the experience. When I accepted the opportunity to serve as DALC’s Conservation Programs Director, I knew I wanted to link stewardship of our properties with creating new relationships with our neighbors and friends. There is no better way to do that than time spent together working on a project.

So, starting in late July, we will be hosting weekend work days at each of the properties that are under DALC’s care. Learn more about volunteering this summer on our website, or email

Volunteer Hightlight: Keith Burrows Early Champion of Sardeson Preserve

When the call went out to the Mineral Point community to begin assembling volunteers for the new Sardeson Preserve, Keith Burrows stepped up immediately. Keith's interest in the Driftless and his new-found love of trout fishing are just two reasons he supports DALC with donations of time and money. Learn more about Keith and consider joining us in the field as we continue to restore and connect with the land. Head over to our Volunteer page online for both.

Notes from the Field

Spring just shifted into high gear with all this fresh rain! Also shifting into high gear right now are budget talks at the State House. This month I’m asking everyone who reads our newsletter to contact your legislators about the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund. Right now, the Assembly and Senate are each debating Stewardship within their own caucus. Each chamber will decide on their ideal proposal for renewing Knowles-Nelson. The Assembly and Senate will then come together to work out a compromise. Ultimately, that compromise is what will come up for a vote when the Joint Finance Committee considers the future of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program. Such a vote is likely to happen in early to mid-June, but we don't know an exact date.

Even if you have already contacted your legislators, do it again. Tell them how important it is to you and your community to have open space and public access to nature. 99% of Wisconsinites live within 5 miles of a Stewardship funded project! brings you right to the contact your legislators page.

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