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Dig into Conservation with DALC

Updated: May 28, 2021

By Cindy Becker

There is something rewarding about a job well done. And, a job well done with the help of others adds a feeling of community to the experience. When I accepted the opportunity to serve as DALC’s Conservation Programs Director, I knew I wanted to link stewardship of our properties with creating new relationships with our neighbors and friends. There is no better way to do that than time spent together working on a project.

So, starting in late July, we will be hosting weekend work days at each of the properties that are under DALC’s care –

· Erickson Wetland Preserve just outside of Argyle

· Sardeson Forest Preserve just outside of Mineral Point

· Morrison’s Forest and Prairie Preserve near Muscoda

· Spring Valley Tract near New Glarus

What is exciting to me is that each property has its own qualities to nurture and protect, and its problem spots. Activities will include clearing invasive brush, weeding out herbaceous invasive plants, creating (and burning) brush piles, fence repair along property boundaries, putting up property signage, collecting wildflower seeds, and trash patrol (yep). In a day’s work, together we can make an impact seen both immediately and over the long run.

To me, land stewardship is the melding of a commitment to land with a connection to place. That connection is strengthened when experienced in the company of others.

Join me! Please email me,, or visit our Volunteering page if you are interested in getting on our DALC volunteer email list. I will inform you of upcoming work days at any of the preserves, and share highlights of work day activities.

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