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July News and Updates

Celebrating Driftless Legacies

We had terrific weather and terrific company for our annual Driftless Legacy Picnic this month! Legacy Society members have made the commitment to include DALC in their estate plans, making it possible to protect and care for the Driftless for generations to come. Interested in joining this great group? It's easy! Contact our Development Associate Emilee Martell for more information.

Land Trust Days Are Here! Sponsored by Gathering Waters, Wisconsin's Alliance for Land Trusts, this annual celebration calls attention to the work of land trusts and the value of land conservation. Check out the Land Trust Days website throughout August and September to find opportunities for hiking, biking, birding, and much more. And, speaking of Land Trust Days...

We're Having a Pollinator Party! As part of the statewide Land Trust Days, Southern Driftless Grasslands and Driftless Area Land Conservancy are having a pollinator party! Head out to the beautiful Bloomfield Prairie on August 13th for a fun, family-friendly day of learning and exploring. Visit our events page for the full schedule.

Evenings Afield: Farming Systems for Healthy Driftless Soils On August 11th from 6-8pm, join Gary Zimmer, soil expert and father of biological agriculture, on his 150-year-old Spring Green farm. Gary will trace the history of land use here from lead mining to wheat farming to dairy to today's diversified crops and pasture. Find clues to the past through an old stone wall, the soil profile, and much more. Register now!

Notes From the Field Four weeks ago, we shared on social media that July is Anti-Boredom Month, and the DALC team really took that to heart. We've been all over the Driftless this summer - planning and hosting events, meeting with landowners, mowing trails, looking for rare species, holding volunteer workdays, and much more! There's lots to do, but we hope you've also been enjoying blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and an abundance of opportunities to explore the wonders of the Driftless Area. Summer doesn't get much better than this! Emilee Martell Development Associate

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