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July News and Updates

Header image by M. Roelli

Community Day at Erickson Conservation Area Experience the best of Erickson Conservation Area during WI Land Trust Days. Take a guided tour of this 220 acre wetland and prairie preserve. Kids can enjoy learning about the wildlife that lives here with hands on activities. Finally, enjoy some local pizza from Good Fellas Tavern and ice cream from Central 52. Come and go as you like during this free community event. Date: Saturday, Aug. 14th, 12-2PM Location: Erickson Conservation Area, 14567 WI-78, Argyle, WI 53504 Registration encouraged but not required.

Volunteer Highlight: Melissa Roelli It's quite common to see "M. Roelli" under many of the stunning prairie photos that DALC uses. This month we get to know the artist, Melissa Roelli, behind the lens with our volunteer highlight. She says, "I try to photograph nature in ways that make people pause and smile. I know DALC strives to preserve this land - I strive to help people notice it. I'm honored that you share my photos and hope they inspire people to explore and spend a little time with whatever bit of the world they encounter." Thank you Melissa for capturing the beauty of the Driftless! Read More.

Get Your Conservation On! Volunteer with Director of Conservation Programs, Cindy Becker, at a DALC preserve this summer. RSVP by emailing July 31st, 8:30-12PM, Sardeson Forest Preserve near Mineral Point We will be cleaning up the grassy parking area of undesirable brush and trees, and working on trail maintenance. August 21st, 8-11AM, Erickson Wetland Preserve near Argyle The prairie that serves as the welcoming scene for the kiosk needs some TLC. Help clean out the invasive brush and weeds beginning to crowd out the planting.

CLEA-N's Solar Group Buy

Iowa County CLEA-N’s solar group-buy program in partnership with Legacy Solar Co-op (LSC) is underway. A group-buy is somewhat like a temporary “buyer’s club” for home or business rooftop solar. Folks interested in installing solar come together for a limited time to benefit from the volume discounts solar installers can provide.

LSC make the process easy by selecting quality installers, providing a free solar assessment on your property, and connecting folks with low-cost financing options. If you’ve been thinking about solar, there’s never been a better time to find out more. Take the first step in getting a free solar assessment here.

Farewell Emily Benz and Danni Lang

Emily Benz had been serving as DALC's Education Programs Coordinator & Communications Lead. She left DALC in July. Her dedication to the Driftless, storytelling skills, and joyous teacher's heart will be greatly missed, but we wish her all the best in her next adventure. In her parting words she said, "Wild things are undervalued. Keep fighting for them. Thank you for loving this place. Thank you for protecting this place."

August 5th will be Danni Lang's last day as DALC's Development Associate. She's leaving to spend more time with her baby twins. She said, "This is such a hard departure for me. The only thing that could pull me away from working to protect the Driftless is my family. I can't imagine finding a better team to work with and a more generous community to engage with."

If you are a communications or development professional, please watch our Employment and Opportunities webpage for ways you can join the DALC team.

Notes from the Field It’s felt like the “dog days” of summer this last week and that means it’s prairie time! I’ve been so fortunate to spend some steamy afternoons exploring prairies like this one in Green County. This remnant is the fruit of two generations of landowners learning how to manage prairie and bring it back to life. This month let’s give thanks to all the landowners and volunteers working so hard to keep our prairies healthy!

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