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August News and Updates

Critical Federal Conservation Legislation Passed

On August 16th, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. In addition to healthcare and tax changes, this legislation invests billions in programs to conserve land and boost clean energy, both of which will have a huge impact on fighting the climate crisis! Check out this piece by the Land Trust Alliance for more details on how this legislation will help conservation.

Plants, Pollinators, and Pouring Rain - Oh My! Despite a morning storm, our Pollinator Party at Bloomfield Prairie was a smashing success! Participants who braved the wind and rain found great resources and words of wisdom from Driftless conservationists. Later, we were rewarded with sunshine and the chance to explore pollinator habitat in the field! Much appreciation to Southern Driftless Grasslands, The Xerces Society, and UW-Madison's Gratton Lab for providing wonderful resources and expertise. And a huge thank you to Gathering Waters for having us as part of Land Trust Days!

Chainsaw Trainings Do you want to learn how to safely use a chainsaw for land management work? Join SAWW (Safety and Woods Working) trainer Luke Saunders of Adaptive Restoration for a series of hands-on trainings about chainsaw use, safety, and maintenance. All sessions will be held on a DALC preserve near New Glarus, and the first training is coming up on Wednesday, September 28th. Get more details and register here!

Evenings Afield: Restoring Our Natural History: Prairies & Savannas Don't miss the final Evenings Afield session of 2022! Come out to the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center in Spring Green to explore the natural history of the Driftless Area at a spectacular example of restored prairie and oak savanna on the slopes of Taliesin's Welsh Hills. Learn about the decade-long process that returned a cedar-covered hillside back to native habitat. This session is Thursday, September 8, 6-8PM. Register now!

Notes From the Field For many people, August has always been a time of change. Although summer is still in full swing, the cool nights remind us that fall is just around the corner. Students from kindergartners to PhDs are getting ready to go back to school. We feel a need to hurry, to fit things in, to cross off our whole to-do list. And yet August also has a way of catching us in moments when time stands still. The prairie flowers are rarely more beautiful than in August. The rivers are usually low, and beckon us with brand-new islands of golden sand. We can spot an abundance of bees and butterflies, and hear crickets singing their hearts out like summer will never end. There's a lot to look forward to every fall, and we hope you'll join us for some of the exciting opportunities DALC has planned. But don't forget to stop and look around August too - it's a special time in a Midwestern year. Emilee Martell Development Associate

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