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Zach Pacana

Land Management Specialist

Primary Responsibilities

  • Implement land management practices at DALC’s Ambassador Properties to establish long-lasting resiliency on the landscape

  • Establish volunteer networks dedicated to conservation in Southwest Wisconsin

  • Help build and maintain the Driftless Trail

Past Jobs & Experience

Zach has a growing wealth of knowledge for managing high-quality natural areas that has developed over nearly a decade of conservation-related work in the Great Lakes region. Prior to joining DALC in June of 2022, Zach served as Land Manager for the Michigan Nature Association, managing 4,000 acres of land throughout the Eastern Lower Peninsula specifically for rare, threatened, and endangered species, including the Poweshiek Skipperling and the Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid. Zach recently served as a steering committee member for the Huron Coastal Invasive Species Network, a leading group in collaborative conservation efforts in Northern Michigan. AmeriCorps programs throughout the country kickstarted Zach’s interest in protecting natural areas, which allowed him to work in a number of diverse National Parks and Monuments ranging from the Great Smoky Mountains to Petrified Forest. Zach also managed land for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, serving as a specialized Park Ranger in the Southeast region, focusing on stewardship efforts and furthering the protection of tens of thousands of acres of public lands. 

Favorite thing about the Driftless Area

"The region and people associated with it seem to be so conservation forward and dedicated to maintaining their sense of familiarity with the land. A casual drive through the Driftless Region feels like taking a step back in time - dairy farms and small towns with friendly folks." 

Hobbies & Interests

Zach enjoys trout fishing and trail running and is usually always in the company of his best buddy, the Black Lab named Goose. Whether it be a day hike or a multi week thru-hike, Zach is more often than not out in the woods exploring a new area. If you see someone running the trails and snapping photos of wildflowers - it’s probably Zach…  

Zach Pacana
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