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Angie Buelow

Development Director


Madison College - Business and Marketing

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Lead DALC's fundraising efforts

  • Build relationships with the DALC community

  • Communicate DALC's mission to all stakeholders in our audience

  • Plan and implement donor appreciation events

Past Jobs & Experience:

After years of living out of state, Angie returned to Wisconsin in 2003, and embarked on a career in the family entertainment industry, ascending to the role of National Director of Sales and Marketing.

Together with her husband Ben, Angie ventured into the world of children's literature, co-authoring their debut book, "Goodnight Madison," in 2019. It was then that she discovered her knack for personal and business development, leading her to establish a successful consulting venture focused on enhancing the event industry. Simultaneously, she nurtured their book business and released their second work, "Goodnight Milwaukee."

However, the onset of the Covid pandemic brought about a profound shift. Spending countless afternoons exploring nature preserves with their youngest, Angie felt a deep calling to reconnect families with the outdoors. This epiphany led her to embrace a new role as the Marketing and Development Director at Bethel Horizons Camp and Retreat Center in Dodgeville, WI.

At Bethel Horizons, Angie's passion for the land, particularly the enchanting Driftless Area, blossomed. Here, she discovered the essence of stewardship, forging connections with alumni and donors who shared her profound love for nature and the cherished camp solidifying her commitment to environmental advocacy and community engagement.

Favorite thing about the Driftless Area:

"The trails at Bethel Horizons! Having had a direct role in the development and improvement of over 8 miles of hiking and 5 miles of mountain biking trails on the property is pretty close to my heart and one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I am truly excited to get out and explore more of the Driftless Area's beautiful cliffs, valleys, prairies and streams in this position."

Hobbies & Interests:

In her free time Angie loves hiking, watching her youngest play sports, and cooking tasty meals for family and friends.

Angie Buelow
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