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Energy Grants Awarded - MPHS and DHS to Benefit

Ten school districts across Wisconsin including the Mineral Point Unified School District, and Dodgeville School District were recently awarded an Office of Energy Innovation grant that will help create significant energy savings for their high school buildings.

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s (MREA) Solar on Schools (SOS) program supports and helps pay for solar on school district campuses.  This spring the program sought out school districts that were actively looking for energy-savings opportunities.  Both the Mineral Point and Dodgeville high schools have environmental clubs that are doing just that, prompting the SOS director to invite MPHS and DHS to be included in the grant.

The grant provides for a professional energy assessment of the high school facility.  Beyond that, the schools will be given guidance and strategies for significantly lowering their energy use through the development of a "Net Zero Pathway Plan".

Six specific objectives will be addressed. (1) It will provide a benchmark of current energy use then (2) recommend and describe the energy audit process and resources. Next, (3) it will provide low-and no-cost energy-saving recommendations, and (4) outline electrification and renewable energy strategies for school buildings.  (5) Beyond the technical data, MREA will support education and outreach activities that will result in (6) a Net Zero Pathway Plan.


As stated in the grant application, “Through the implementation of energy efficiency measures, participating schools are poised to experience substantial cost reductions, promoting long-term financial sustainability. The project provides direct job creation, particularly during the execution of recommended energy-saving measures.  The project will enhance the sustainability of school operations and act as an economic catalyst, fostering cost savings, job opportunities, and long-term stimulus within Wisconsin’s local and state economy.”


Aaron Dunn, Mineral Point School Board President added, “We are proud of our Earth-Wise Club students who have been actively supporting efforts toward greater energy efficiencies.  Their advocacy was instrumental in getting MPHS included in this grant.” 

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