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Iowa County Area Home Energy Audit Blitz

Low cost energy audits available for a limited time   

Sixty percent (60%) discount for propane-heated homes

Driftless Area Land Conservancy’s Clean, Local Energy Alliance–Now! (CLEA-N) project is collaborating with Green Homeowners United (GHU) to offer home energy audits for a limited time at a discounted cost for Iowa County area homeowners.


Home energy audits, also called energy assessments, are thorough evaluations of a home’s energy landscape. Professionals evaluate insulation levels, identify air leaks, check mechanical efficiencies, evaluate solar feasibility, and examine windows. The homeowner report lists the suggested improvements and how much each is expected to save in energy costs. A host of special rebates and tax credits are available through the Inflation Reduction Act, but are only available to homeowners who have completed an energy audit. 

For example, if the energy audit shows how to reduce the home’s utility bill by 20% or more, the homeowners is eligible for a $2,000 rebate. If the utility bill reduction can reach 35% or more, the rebate is $4,000.  Once the audit is complete, GHU will help the homeowner identify and sign up for tax credits, rebates, and fair financing opportunities.

Schedule your audit NOW!
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Limited-Time Special Discount for Propane-Heated Homes

For area homes heated with propane, CLEA-N is providing a 60% discount to the first 30 homeowners who sign up for an energy audit. This discount paired with the federal tax credit cuts the total cost to less than $100 for propane-heated homes. Audits for homes heated by other fuel sources will cost less than $250. Green Homeowner United’s professional team will schedule audits from mid-March to mid-April. The 30 heavily discounted audits slots are expected to fill fast, so reserve your energy audit now.  Contact Chuck Tennessen – or 608-930-3252, and learn more at .

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