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Volunteer Highlight: Planning for the Future at Erickson Conservation Area

By Cindy Becker

Driftless Area Land Conservancy is about to reach a milestone moment as a land owner and land steward. 2023 will mark our 10th year asowner of the Erickson Conservation Area. 

DALC became the owner of Erickson in early 2013. As the first property that DALC invested full ownership in, this was a big step for us! Since then, this beautiful landscape has served as a living classroom; a host location for citizen science events, field days, and work days; and a welcome location for public recreation and immersion in nature.   

This past January, DALC convened leaders of Erickson's avid, dedicated volunteers with local wetland experts, restoration specialists, and wildlife ecologists. We reviewed the status of restoration and community outreach activities on the property over the past decade, and developed key "next steps" to help guide future activities and restoration. The team spent 3 hours together via Zoom - a feat in and of itself that does not go under-appreciated! Add on top of that their input and advice as we look ahead to the next ten years, and I feel we made great progress.

A shout out and loud applause for those who attended and participated:  

Neale Tollakson, Argyle community leader, conservation enthusiast, long-time Erickson advocate

Rob Laeser, Argyle community leader, conservation enthusiast, long-time Erickson advocate

Stephen Fabos, Indigenous Restoration LLC 

Jeb Barzen, Private Lands Conservation LLC

Pat Trochlell, wetland inventory specialist

John D. Peterson, Associate Professor of Biologist, UW Platteville 

Jennifer Filipiak, DALC Executive Director​

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