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A Summary of Volunteer Accomplishments in 2022

We had a HUGE year for volunteering and want to thank each and every person who joined us. Whether you helped for three hours or thirty, the generous gift of your time added up to make a tremendous impact on the Driftless!


  • 96 total volunteers, including 20 New Glarus High School students who joined us for a day of service

  • Over 1000 total hours worked by all volunteers

  • Plus, WisCorps Youth Conservation Corps service teams worked on Spring Valley and the Driftless Trail


Sardeson: (4 volunteers)

  • Improvements were made to the existing 1 mile trail, including the installation of volunteer-made signage as well as a parking lot clean up.

  • Approximately 1.5 acres were cleared of invasive shrubs and undesirable trees.


Morrison: (2 volunteers)

  • Surveyed for uncommon native flora and fauna, high quality habitat, and potential invasive threats. 

  • Continued management efforts on a second-year, 1.5-acre planted prairie.

  • Follow-up management activities were conducted on approximately 5 acres, including addressing invasive shrub respouts and locating and dealing with larger berry-producing invasive shrubs.


Erickson: (9 volunteers)

  • Survey of the Erickson Wetlands revealed numerous previously undocumented plant and animal species. This information is vital to the proper management of natural areas and will help to define our future goals and how to achieve them. While the majority of the surveying was conducted by professional wetland botanists, DALC volunteers assisted.

  • Volunteers cleared 1 acre of invasive shrubs and removed approximately 40 undesirable trees that posed a direct threat to a high quality sedge meadow.

  • Volunteers conducted regular management for invasive herbaceous weeds throughout an 8.5-acre planted prairie as well as a 3-acre oak savanna.


Spring Valley (27 volunteers + 20 high school students + WisCorps)

  • 5 acres of woody invasives cleared on steep remnant oak savanna.

  • Herbaceous weeds controlled on 10 previously cleared acres.

  • 3-day fence clearing project removed 500 yards of old barbed wire fence grown up with shrubs.

Driftless Trail (20 volunteers + WisCorps)

  • Constructed a 32-foot A-truss bridge over Meudt Creek on the Knobs Road Segment of the Driftless Trail.

  • Redesigned and reopened the 1.1 mile Weaver Road Trail.. It is now what we call a “lollipop loop” – half is out-and-back along an ag field, with a great view, and half is a loop through a wooded valley framed by intriguing rock outcrops.

  • Prepped 5 miles of trail for openings in 2023.

Looking ahead, we have 76 (!!!!) volunteer workdays planned for 2023. We hope you can join us to make a difference for the Driftless! 

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