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A Summary of Volunteer Accomplishments in 2021

Our incredible volunteers made a huge difference to the habitats of the Driftless. What a GREAT year we've had!  

People involved: 

  • Total number of all volunteers = 66

  • Total hours worked by all volunteers = 620 hours

  • Plus, two 6-person WisCorps Youth Conservation Corps Service teams worked at two preserves, Spring Valley Tract and Erickson Wetland. 

What we did: 

  • 200 linear feet of interior fence removed. 

  • Prescribed burning carried out on 70 acres of wetland habitat.

  • 10 acres improved during volunteer work days, including clearing invasive brush and hand-pulling invasive noxious weeds.

  • 2.5 linear miles of trail corridors created or improved. 

  • The DALC Bird-a-thon volunteer team, the Prairie DALCons, created bird lists for 15 protected and prospect properties, including all of DALC’s preserves, during the weekend event in May. 

  • A Bio Blitz pulled together over a dozen plant lovers and botanists who helped us create an extensive species list for Spring Valley Tract. 

Looking ahead:

  • $17,000 secured through partner programs and grants for habitat improvement in 2022 – 2023.

  • $25,000 secured for improving public access, and adding interpretive signage and structures at our preserves. 



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