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How can you protect your land?

DALC has been partnering with private landowners to protect the Driftless Area for over 20 years.  We currently hold 48 conservation easements across Southwest Wisconsin. The Conservancy provides opportunities for you to leave a legacy of unspoiled land and water resources through a variety of voluntary conservation options.

The following will aid you in deciding which option best suits your land protection interests. We are available to you and your advisers to answer any questions or help arrange a planned gift to the Conservancy. Feel free to call (608) 930-3252, email us or visit our FAQs about easements.

Conservation Easements

There are many uncertainties in the future. What happens to your land doesn’t have to be one of them. With a voluntary conservation agreement, you can make sure the land you love isn’t split up or developed, creating a place for wildlife, protecting streams and farmland, and ensuring your kids have a place to call home. Conservation agreements are voluntary, flexible, permanent, tax deductible and allow you to maintain private control. Learn more.

Donate Land

Who will care for my land? If you do not have heirs, if there is little interest in your heirs in inheriting the land, you no longer use the land or you want to be relieved of management responsibilities, the Conservancy may be able to help. Donations can include all or just a portion of your property and we will care for it as our own. 

Bargain Sale

A bargain sale is the sale of a property or a conservation easement to the Conservancy at a price well below the fair market value of the property. The difference between the bargain sale price and fair market value is considered a charitable contribution, and therefore provides potential income and estate tax deductions for the landowner.

Take Your First Step

If you’re interested in one or more ways to protect your land for generations to come, please call 608-930-3252 for more information. All conversations about how to achieve your conservation goals will remain confidential.

FAQs about Easements
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