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Saredson Workday a Success!

On Saturday, October 17, a chilly day with the wind gusting up to 20 mi/hr, six hardy volunteers and two DALC staff took shelter in the woods at Sardeson Preserve. A silent stillness surrounded us, the trees and valley protecting us from the wind. We spread out along a path lined with orange flags and got to work. The goal was to free an 8 ft corridor of invasive brush and saplings through the woods, beginning step 1 of many that are part of our efforts to develop an educational trail system through the preserve. Through the hard work of 8 pairs of hands wielding 4 pairs of lopers, 2 hand saws, and 1 chain saw, we cut down and bucked up buckthorn, honeysuckle, and barberry into brush piles. Sixteen piles – some 6ft tall – line a section of the newly minted trail, ready for burning on a cold winter day. Thank you to all who volunteered.

We will be hosting more volunteer work days at Sardeson. There is great satisfaction in the physical work and accomplishment. Consider joining us! Alternatively, monetary donations for the power tools and safety gear needed to support our land restoration efforts are greatly needed and appreciated. Contact Cindy Becker or call our office at (608) 930-3252 with questions.

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