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December News and Updates

Fundraising success for Ringelstetter Wetland A thrilling Giving Tuesday capped off a true grassroots effort to preserve Ringelstetter Wetland, a 154-acre marsh along the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. DALC will now work with the landowner to close on this beautiful wetland, with the ultimate goal of transferring the property to the Wisconsin DNR to merge with neighboring public lands. Learn more about what makes Ringelstetter so special, and stay tuned for the full history of this exciting project in 2022.

Federal lawmakers introduce "Driftless Area Landscape Conservation Initiative" (DALCI) Sponsored by U.S. Representatives from all four Driftless states, the DALCI Act would bring USDA funding to farms, forests, prairies, and wetlands in the Driftless to fight erosion, provide habitat, improve water quality, and create climate resilience. Driftless Area Land Conservancy is proud to endorse this legislation alongside many of our conservation partners. Read more about this exciting proposal here.

Year In Pictures: Driftless Trail progress in 2021 Trail coordinator Barb Barzen put together a pictorial review of the amazing work done on the Driftless Trail in 2021. Check out our journey over the past year, and what lies ahead for 2022!

DALC volunteers accomplish incredible restoration work in 2021 Last month, we offered our sincere thanks to the volunteers who helped protect the habitats of the Driftless in 2021. This month, check out a summary of all the amazing things they accomplished - from prescribed burns to counting birds - on our Community Highlights page!

Lend a hand during winter workdays! If the stories of our volunteers have inspired you, why not join them? Winter workdays are a great way to stay active, get outside, and see a different side of DALC's preserves! On the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, January through March, join site steward Fil Sanna at Spring Valley Preserve to continue habitat improvement on the savanna. The 4th Saturdays will focus on DALC's other preserves - Sardeson, Erickson, and Morrison. The type and timing of work will depend on the weather.

Visit our volunteer page or get in touch with Cindy Becker for more details.

Notes From the Field Although the days are getting colder, this month has been full of the warm generosity of the DALC community. From tasty treats sent to our office to pledges to protect land across the Driftless, I've been amazed by the abundance of support for our work, and the abundance of love for this special landscape. It's only my second month at DALC, but I already know that we have a truly incredible community here. Thank you so much for being a part of it! Emilee Martell Development Associate

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