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December News and Highlights

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Cates Receives Service Award

Recognition for leadership & commitment

Earlier this month, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation awarded long time DALC supporter and Board member Richard Cates Jr. with it's "Distinguished Service to Wisconsin Agriculture" Award. Cates and his family raise beef cattle on and steward land in the Lowery Creek watershed area where recent conservation efforts have resulted in a significant increase in the population of trout. Among his many accomplishments as teacher, farmer, and leader, Cates helped start the Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers and is well-loved in both the farming and conservation communities.

Join us in congratulating Dick on this much-deserved recognition. Read more about the award.

D'Alessio Brings the Prairie to Life

New book chronicles restoration journey

While the longest night of the winter is safely behind us, Wisconsin is still seeped in the deep cold and snow of winter. The season provides land stewards with much needed rest and an incubation period perfect for research and inspiration. Alice D'Alessio’s, a DALC member since 2014, newest book Tending the Valley: A Prairie Restoration Odyssey might be just what your winter reading list needs.

Alice chronicles the restoration adventures that her and her husband undertake on their own corner of the Driftless. Readers will enjoy following the author’s steady journey of learning and loving the valley. Those new to restoration efforts will be able to learn from the successes and failures experienced each season. Restoration experts will sympathize with the hardships and joys found when caring for a piece of land. It’s a lovely memoir filled with just the right amount of hope and beautifully captured moments of nature.

Driftless Area Land Conservancy is grateful that a portion of the proceeds from this book will be gifted to the organization to continue protection and restoration efforts. Thank you Alice for sharing such a wonderful book with this community and making this gift for the future of land protection in the Driftless!

Driftless Holiday Celebration

Stay connected and get crafty.

2020 has been all about getting creative and resourceful. Won't you help us? There's still plenty of time to participate in decorating the community tree in front of DALC's office. Make a bird-friendly ornament or some garland and bring it by to place on the tree or birch branches. Stop by to add your small piece of holiday cheer to our clever community celebration.

Can't make it to the office? Send photos of your creations or a scene from your