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Tell Your

Penny-Smart & Earth-Wise Story

Clean energy and energy efficiency funding opportunities in 2023 are more generous than ever. This is an ideal time for districts to take advantage of the economic, educational, and environmental benefits available for advancing energy efficiencies and clean energy technologies in their schools. 

Students can help lead the way!


A Clean Energy Transition Team (CETT) is a group of teachers, students and community members finding ways to save energy dollars by increasing energy efficiencies and by considering the benefits of solar on their school.


All Iowa County high school students may participate. 

Present Your Story as to

  1. WHY the school district should create a Clean Energy Transition Team (CETT), and

  2. HOW it could take steps to do so. The entry should also include details about a particular                        

  3. PET PROJECT the students would like to see acted on in their own school.


Entrants’ Group Size: Teams consist of 1-4 students.


Project Limits (exceptions possible):

  • Presentations, demonstrations, enactments etc. - 15 min. maximum

  • Displays / art pieces/ models etc. – 9 cu. ft. maximum

All displays and presentations to take place Earth Week – April 17-21st


1st - $250             2nd - $150            3rd - $100       

DOUBLE AWARD Opportunity! If your school actually creates a Clean Team (CETT) or similar:
- Awards will be doubled - 1st - $500    2nd - $300    3rd - $200
Additionally, the school district will be awarded $300 Seed Money to help launch the n
ew team.


Components of a Winning Project!

CLEAN Project Scoring.PNG
Useful Resources:

  • This newsletter from the Wisconsin School Board Association may be the first link to check out.  It’s written for school board members and lists the steps many schools have taken to reduce energy use and consider adding solar. The article is on pages 22-27. Click on the clean-energy transition link.

  • Generation180 is a very easy website to use and explore.  It provides great information on how thousands of schools across the country have added solar. This site is full of ideas for potential projects for you and your school, and it has lots of school success stories.             

  • The Midwest Renewable Energy Association has a page about Wisconsin’s Solar on Schools program.  It has great info on how to get started, funding sources and examples of success stories.  

  • Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program has more success stories and examples of projects.

  • Energy Education: Concepts and Practices has more detailed info about energy and energy use. This site may be useful for some specific facts or data, especially Unit 3, Section C and Unit 4, Section H.

Chat with Chuck – Student Help Center

Available twice each week.  Chuck Tennessen is here to answer questions and help you develop your project.  Consider jumping in with a quick question or for a bit longer to listen in on others’ projects and plans.

Tuesday evenings – 6:30–7:30pm
Meeting ID: 838 1221 9308
Passcode: 474784
Phone:  312 626 6799

Thursdays after school – 3:30-4:30pm
Meeting ID: 865 6736 0963
Passcode: 106815
Phone: 312 626 6799 

Or send questions to:

Sponsored by:   

Iowa County Clean Local Energy Alliance – Now (CLEA-N) and the Dodgeville Chronicle

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