Danni Lang

Development Associate


Primary Responsibilities

  • Design and implement annual fundraising plan

  • Communicate with donors

  • Collaborate with DALC staff to tell the stories of our work


Past Jobs & Experience

Danni first fell in love with the landscapes of Wisconsin growing up on a farm in Columbia County. In 2018, inspired by her work with community gardens and her parents' land ethic, she left her job working at the Wisconsin State Law Library to join Groundswell Conservancy. There she worked to create and strengthen relationships with financial supporters. At Groundswell she learned the power a community has when they decide they want to protect their land and water. In 2020 Danni made the move to DALC in order to work closer to home and with the community that has embraced her here in the Driftless Area.



Creighton University

Favorite thing about the Driftless Area

"I love the way the winter winds play with falling snow in the valleys; it looks like the whole sky is dancing. It's a treat to discover such a scene when snowshoeing through the area. Winter has always been my favorite season, but the Driftless Area brings the season alive!" 


Hobbies and Interests

Danni loves to play board games with her nerdy friends, organize community gardens, send gifts to villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and read all the fantasy and science fiction she can get her hands on. At her farmette near Argyle, she is kept busy raising geese, chickens, occasionally sheep, and a multitude of fruit trees. 


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