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Wild Oaks Preserve

For generations, this quiet and bucolic valley has supported agriculture, wildlife, diverse recreational pursuits, and surely many moments of connection with nature. The 308-acre property was spared from development during the 2020 pandemic by a handful of forward-thinking benefactors. In 2022, the Badgerland Foundation acquired 108 acres directly north of the property. The entire 416 acre property is now known as Wild Oaks Preserve and is co-managed by DALC and the Badgerland Foundation. Our shared vision of Wild Oaks is to preserve the property’s rural character by bringing together wildlife habitat, sustainable agriculture, and an immersive trail system that allows people to connect with the land.

Quick Facts

  • Belleville, WI

  • 308 acres

  • Trails not yet established, varying topography

  • Prairie, savanna, springs, wetlands, forest, farmland

  • Open to the public via invitation (events, work days, etc)

  • Open to hunting with permit application and completion of volunteer hours

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